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e-fission Manufacturing is the one piece of software you need to keep track of everything to do with your manufacturing plant, from buying raw materials, to selling final product to your customers, to paying your employees. It is entirely integrated and relational, so you never have to enter data more than once. Simple and intuitive enough for a “Mom & Pop” company to use, it is powerful enough for multi-million-dollar operations. Our feature list rivals programs costing in the six figures, with vastly superior ease of use and implementation. This program was built with the end-user in mind to provide real-time feedback on your company’s status and bottom line.

•    Materials, Subassemblies (materials plus labor), and Products

•    Purchase orders, customer orders, invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable

•    Work orders

•    Receiving

•    Payroll (salary, time card, task-based, and independent contractor); can pay employees in multiple states from one location

•    Double-entry accounting

•    Contact management (separate linked modules for people and organizations)

•    Calendar for managing events

•    Human resources management (employee ID cards, accident reports, employee history, etc.)

•    Tax forms

•    Real-time financial reports (balance sheet, profit and loss, etc.)

•    Purchase orders integrated with organizations and raw materials, linked to receiving layouts for your shipping dock and payables when the invoices come in

•    Ability to set up subassemblies for all steps in the manufacturing process; subassemblies are then combined into products ready to sell to customers

•    Procedures for assembly (infinite number per subassembly and product) that are barcoded on work orders for entry from shop floor; feeds into real-time data on labor costs, as well as automatic time-card entry for employees

•    Customer orders/quotes that convert to invoices when the products are shipped

•    Fully integrated, so you never enter an item of information more than once

•    128-bit encryption to protect your data

•    Optimized for Macintosh OS X and Windows XP

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