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Products are subassemblies plus labor--what you actually sell to customers. In the product detail view, you can see the procedures necessary to build the product, the labor and subassemblies that go into it, what work orders are currently in process to build it, and usage statistics. As in Materials and Subassemblies, you can flag a product and enter comments about why it is flagged. Data from the payroll module feeds into this screen, showing the actual labor costs for the past 16 weeks, which can be compared to the labor costs projected. You get real-time figures for what each component of your final project is costing you.

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The Product detail view shows you everything you need to know about the products you sell. You can:

  1. Insert a photo or graphic (or several) of the material to aid in taking inventory, receiving, quality control, etc.

  2. Flag products with customizable categories and comment fields

  3. Create procedures to be followed when the product is built, the skill level needed to accomplish each procedure, the time it should take, and what that labor should cost

  4. List all the subassemblies that go into a product, the quantity of each used, and their cost

  5. Show all work orders for creating a product and whether they have been completed

  6. View your inventory levels in a list view showing usage, current inventory, and value

  7. Designate an inventory cycle, enter minimum stock levels, designate a default location for storage of finished products, and show when the last inventory of the product was conducted

  8. Show the actual real-time cost of materials and labor in products built

  9. Assign a percentage of burden (overhead) and profit to each product

  10. Show actual labor statistics for the past 52 weeks

  11. Print lists of all the materials and subassemblies in a product and the cost per product