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Materials are anything you buy from a vendor and for which you keep track of inventory. e-fission Manufacturing makes it easy to specify one or more vendors for each material, create purchase orders, track usage, and perform quality checks when stock is received.

The Materials detail view shows you everything you need to know about the materials you buy. You can:

  1. Designate primary and secondary vendors, as well as usual order quantities, contact person, and lead time for each vendor

  2. Insert a photo or graphic (or several) of the material to aid in taking inventory, receiving, quality control, etc.

  3. Flag materials with customizable categories and comment fields

  4. Show all purchase orders that have been written for a material and when they are due to be shipped

  5. Create a purchase order for the material with one click

  6. Keep track of cost over time

  7. Show all subassemblies in which the material is used

  8. List procedures to be followed when the material is received

  9. Designate an inventory cycle, enter minimum stock levels, and show when the last inventory of the material was conducted

You can view your inventory levels in a list view showing usage, current inventory, and value, or print a report showing what you need to reorder.

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